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Merseybank Green Group – Now a community group!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to share the news that our group has been now formally constituted. While we have been active on several fronts over the last year becoming a Community Group will assure that the decision making process is democratic and represents the voices of our diverse community. We have managed to put together an amazing group of leads coming from various backgrounds and with different sets of skills and interests.

This first step will allow us to open a bank account and apply for funding required for bringing the ideas to life. The further step will be registering as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which in other words is a form of charity that will give us more incentives while keeping things simple and transparent.

Thank you for your participation so far, we hope that you share our enthusiasm and carry on with your involvement by joining our events, sharing your ideas and volunteering. In case you’d like to dive into the details of the Sunday’s founding meeting see the attached minutes.